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Telegram Tips
Telegram Tips (10112018)

Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features.

Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ]
Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ] (188365)

Ron Watkins [ ]

BotNews (91284)

The official source for news about the Telegram Bot API.

Programming Tips 💡
Programming Tips 💡 (55001)

Programming:Tips 💡Articles 📕Resources 👾Design Patterns 💎Software Principles ✅Contact/Ads: @MoienTajik

Telegram Designers
Telegram Designers (58133)

Feature suggestions for Telegram from designers all over the world. If you want to contribute, send your UI mockups to @design_bot

The Devs
The Devs (33431)

Developers community on Telegram.https://thedevs.networkJobs:@thehireHave something to share?@thedevs_share

Android Security & Malware
Android Security & Malware (37157)

Mobile cybersecurity channelLinks: Contact: @androidMalware_bot

🤖 Coding News ⚡️
🤖 Coding News ⚡️ (23619)

High quality articles, videos, and tutorials about programming 💻HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, Electron, Node, Vue, GraphQL and other topics 💥@CodingChat talk with other engineers@CodingNewsFeedbackBot advertisement

Data Science
Data Science (24934)

Data Science.По всем вопросам- @haarrp@ai_machinelearning_big_data - machine learning@pythonl - Python@itchannels_telegram - 🔥 best it channels @ArtificialIntelligencedl - AI@pythonlbooks-📚@programming_books_it -it 📚

Front End World
Front End World (25562)

New articles about Front End development.JS, CSS, React, Vue, Angular and others!Generative Art: @drawbot_artMy russian tech blog: @five_a_mAdmin: @jem_jem

FrontEnd Development
FrontEnd Development (24324)

Полезные ссылки иHTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue, Node.js, Mobile и многое другое.Администратор: @andrey2019

Hacker News
Hacker News (18535)

Top stories from (with 100+ score)Contribute to the development here: check @philr

Android Developers
Android Developers (15454)

Connecting Android developers from all around the world. Please contact for any question or proposal.#android #kotlin #google

xkcd (14484)

The latest xkcd comics. ( channel.Comics are automatically posted within a few minutes after publication.

TheFrontEnd🔥 (14094)

📝 Articles🗞 News👓 Tutorials 🤔 UI/UX thoughtson front end💡 mobile📱 and web dev 🖥Admin: @masant1